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Mix of Classic and Robust

Every coffee connoisseur knows that the key to a great tasting cup starts with the beans. And that is why Serene7 not only sought the best growers and plantations in South America, but also took almost a year to develop the perfect blend of medium-roasted coffee beans

Our coffees feature hints of nuts and caramel in every cup - classic yet robust flavors that compliment and enhance Serene7’s other organic ingredients.

Fountain of Youth

When a research lab in Switzerland studied a rare apple known for its excellent stability, scientists discovered that the key to its amazing longevity was the apple's stem cells. Serene7 went directly to the same lab to procure and infuse the newly developed Swiss apple stem cell formulation in every cup.

By adding just the right amount into our coffees, every sip you take could keep your skin looking fresh and young. All of the Serene7 coffee blends feature a Swiss Apple Stem Cells, a revitalization formulation that has been referred to as a modern day fountain of youth.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Brain Boosters

All of Serene7 coffee blends feature PANMOL® VITAMINS which contain dozens of naturally occurring vitamin compounds that reduce stress in both mind and body. These vitamins come from plants like sunflowers, quinoa sprouts, mushrooms, and acerola cherries that when combined together produce a complex of nutrients essential for maintaining a healthy life.

SaraPEPP™ Nu, a naturally occurring nootropic, is a unique ingredient in Serene7’s MPE blend.  Nootropics are substances that improve cognitive function – making it easier to maintain focus and minimize mental burnout.

We take pride in ensuring that all our coffees contain organic ingredients, including vitamins that boost your brain and give you enough energy to get through the rigors of daily life.


A cup of Serene7 coffee gives you more than a jolt of energy. It also has wellness-focused ingredients that helps reduce mental and physical stress. That’s because our team understands that good health largely depends on what you eat and drink.

Some of our coffee blends feature naturally occurring ingredients like lavender that help you stay calm; cinnamon and turmeric, spices known to reduce inflammation and minimize age-related loss of function; and L-theanine, an organic amino acid found in tea leaves that not only promotes relaxation without drowsiness, but also reduces your blood pressure.

The wellness benefits that come with daily consumption of Serene7 coffee will not only soothe your mind and body, but also help you build a healthier lifestyle. 
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Odoo • Image and Text

Reach Your Goal Weight Quicker

One sure way to lessen stress in life is to keep healthy and fit. Serene7’s Weight Loss Management coffee blend helps curb your appetite making it less likely to snack at odd hours or overeat, particularly when stressed.

Packed with DNF-10, an ingredient that diminishes the sensation of hunger, a cup of our coffee each day helps you meet that goal weight quicker and continue improvements in your physical body. 


See what our coffee can do your your mental and physical health

Choose from a variety of coffees - with new blends always on the way.